Dr. LEVY – 3DEEP™ Cleanser 150ml

Product Description

Exposure to pollution and environmental aggression is scientifically proven today to result in significant oxidative stress, which can cause deep damage to the skin.

Our 3DeepTM Cleanser>>>FastMaskTM’s unique complex acts in three simultaneous ways to deeply cleanse, to renew and to strengthen the skin, optimally boosting the Dr. LEVY Switzerland®’s powerful, preventative and reparative powers.

More than your usual cleanser, the 3DeepTM Cleanser >>> FastMaskTM has 3 application rituals and 3 targeted actions for immediate results.


  • Creates a more even skin tone and a visibly smoother complexion
  • Reduces fine lines and signs of premature ageing
  • Helps attract and retain skin moisture
  • Increases skin plumpness
  • Physical and chemical exfoliation


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