Tear Trough Filler

Tear trough filler is used to soften the infraorbital hollowing in the under eye. It is commonly known to make you look tired. There is a strict criteria we look at prior to treating this area this is called the Lambros Criteria: which consists of:

  1. Definition of the hollow – A more defined hollow is more amenable to fillers.
  2. The orbital fat pad- A good candidate for tear trough should not be ‘puffy’ or have excess orbital fat.
  3. Skin quality-  Thick and smooth skin will have better results than those with thin skin or loss of elasticity in the skin.
  4. The Pigmentation – The colour of the overlying skin, as the filler may improve shadowing but will not improve dark pigmentation.

Without getting to medical with terminology, its important to know that we do have to ensure the client is suitable and we cannot do this treatment on just anyone. Those with thin skin or loose skin in the under eye will not be a suitable candidate for the procedure. This does not improve pigmentation. This does not treat fine lines close to the eye socket, for these fine lines you could consider profile or profound skin boosters, which we also offer. This treatment does not help with lines that appear when smiling (using muscles). You may be suitable for a muscle relaxing treatment instead. We recommend two treatments for optimum results roughly 12 weeks apart. This treatment once complete can last up to 3 years! One of the longest lasting filler treatments. In our clinic we only carry out this treatment with a cannula for safety and comfort of the patient. We do not use needle.

If you would like to seek advise if you would be a suitable candidate for this treatment you can email a image of yourself from the front profile and side profile to enquiries@themedicalclinic.co.uk and we would be able to advise the best treatment/s for you. Please note: we do not allow this treatment in any packages, it is a stand alone treatment. 

All of our clients are valued members of The Medical Clinic, we want to ensure you are always informed and relaxed about having any treatments with us.