Luxury Microneedling with Dermapen and Obaji Medical Grade Skincare Facial

Our Dermapen microneedling treatment with our advanced medical grade facial using Obaji medical grade products. We tailor these facials to your own skincare needs to target your skin problems. The most comprehensive treatment for acne scars, open pores, pigmentation and ageing skin to lift smooth plump and renew the skin. Dermalux LED phototherapy treatment to boost fibroblast activity for a super charged radiant and plump skin – there are three types of lights: Blue which helps to target bacteria causing spots, Red which helps with the production of cell renewal, energy, collagen and elastin synthesis, and lastly the infrared light which is absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin increasing circulation, repair and calms irritation building strength for skin conditions.

We have Obaji medical grade facials to target the following and the best suited to you will be discussed during your consultation on the day:

  • Anti-aging and skin tightening with elastiderm serum 
  • Pigmentation skin brightening with medical grade vitamin c including L- ascorbic acid and hydroquinone
  • Acne scaring

All of our clients are valued members of The Medical Clinic, we want to ensure you are always informed and relaxed about having any treatments with us.