By proceeding with my booking I confirm that I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

For medical reasons we are unable to treat those who;

It is important to note that it might take multiple treatments to achieve your desired result. Although it may be expensive to build initially, maintaining results are easy once you get there. Regardless, you shouldn’t begin a journey until you’re ready to commit. Dermal fillers are temporary and require upkeep once or twice a year. This is paramount to consider before booking.

Booking Terms

Booking Terms

I understand that any attempts to withdraw this payment will result in legal action being taken against me. I understand that evidence of my acknowledgement will be provided to my bank institution and PayPal Legal representatives.

The Medical Clinic does not accept responsibility for the services provided to the client by the therapist and the client agrees that any liability for the services provided rests wholly with the treating therapist

Deposits are non-refundable!

We are unable to refund your deposit for any reason once you book that appointment you will not be able to retrieve your deposit back. Please make sure you understand this prior to booking as we cannot refund you even with notice.

Deposits are taken by a third party company and we cannot get these back

You are able to re-schedule your appointment online yourself

Up to two days before your scheduled appointment you can log into your account via the confirmation email when you originally booked and move your appointment back (or forwards if we have availability).

We can not move your appointment after this so please ensure you can attend your appointment as your deposit will not be refunded if you

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