Jawline Contouring

  • Jawline contouring is not suitable for everyone. We recommend you email enquiries@themedicalclinic.co.uk with a front and side profile image of yourself, if you feel you may not be a suitable candidate and we can give you some advice before you book. However sometimes we do need to assess you in clinic to be able to give a accurate solution to your requirements. Some common precursors that would indicate a jawline procedure would not be suitable for yourself include;
    Strong masseter muscles: These are the muscles at the back of your jaw which you can feel when you clench/bite down with your teeth. If you see or feel these muscles strongly, then it is recommended you relax these muscles using botulinum toxin first once these muscles are slim we can then proceed with jawline filler.
  • Those with a BMI over that of what is considered within the healthy range and/or those with excess adipose issues in the area. This is not liposuction nor a weight loss tool. It is there to simply define the jawbone by adding filler to structure the area, which is difficult if the above is present. If you are above the ‘healthy range’ of BMI we would recommend that you book in for a couple of sessions of a treatment called Aqualyx, which is a fat dissolving treatment. This will remove any stubborn fat in the area first, then we can complete dermal filler treatment afterwards if you wish to still pursue this. If you do not wish to dissolve the excess fat sometimes we can achieve a slimming/ contouring affect by just treating the chin alone with dermal filler, giving the illusion of facial slimming, contour and definition to the face. Again, we would recommend you send in some images of yourself so we can advise you on what the best option for you is.

We would recommend as a guidance only that the average female jawline contouring treatment requires 3-4ml for a natural result, due to the large surface area the product has to cover.

For the average males we recommend 5-6ml of product. These can be purchased under package appointments. You will pay a deposit online and this will be deducted off the full amount on the day, you can reduce or add on more ‘mls’ on the day if you wish.

All of our clients are valued members of The Medical Clinic, we want to ensure you are always informed and relaxed about having any treatments with us.