Normal Skin

Normal skin is not oily or dry, with no blemishes or imperfections.
A great maintenance skincare routine is what’s needed to keep your skin radiant and refreshed.

Due to normal skin not needing any targeted treatments your skincare products we have selected below will keep your skin looking great and shining bright!

Some of our products are prescription only and require you to fill out a consultation form. We will then review the form to ensure the prescription product you are after is suitable for your skin type.

Normal Skin Frequently Asked Questions

What does normal skin look like?

Normal skin is well balanced with a regular texture and little to no imperfections.

Will moisturising normal skin make my skin oily?
Using a lightweight water-based moisturiser should prevent normal skin from going oily.
Do I still need to cleanse if I have normal skin?

Yes, regardless of your skin type, you should still cleanse. We recommend at least once a day to remove the build up of dirt and impurities to maintain your skin health.