Sensitised Skin

Sensitive skin can be extremely frustrating to manage.

But do not worry we have skincare products suitable for sensitive skin which will improve your complexion, without causing or aggravating existing sensitivity.

Some of our products are prescription only and require you to fill out a consultation form. We will then review the form to ensure the prescription product you are after is suitable for your skin type.

Sensitised Skin Frequently Asked Questions

What causes sensitive skin?

There are a number of causes for sensitive skin, with common causes being eczema, rosacea, contact dermatitis and exposure to harsh weather conditions including the sun and wind.

How can you treat sensitive skin?

Using a gentle cleanser is essential for sensitive skin. Products containing purslane which is an active key ingredient that activates the skin’s antioxidant system, to calm inflammation and protect sensitive cell membranes.

Should I avoid certain foods for sensitive skin?

Dairy and gluten are often associated with itchy skin, rashes and acne.

We would advise attempting to remove those foods to see if you can see an improvement in your skin’s complexion.